Brunch Menus

Delightful Brunch Packages
Each of our Brunch Menu Items are served in Mouth Watering Mini Bite Sizes.
This way, your guests may enjoy a little everything and still have room for their Happy Ending Desserts!
Mediterranean Brunch
1. Strawberry Filled French Toast with Orange Syrup
2. Asparagus, Brie Cheese and Mushroom Bread Pudding
3. Prosciutto with Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Fresh Basil and Arugula
4. Potato &Tomato-Herb Frittata  with Onion, Pancetta and Gorgonzola Cheese
5. Lemon Ricotta Fluffy Pancakes with Lemon Curd and Raspberries
And For The Happy Ending,
6. Red Wine Soaked Fruit, Chantilly Cream Topped with a Drizzle of Pink Champagne

Southern Brunch


1. Pecan Pancakes With Caramel Apple Chutney And Cinnamon Sweet Cream
2. Shiitake Mushrooms & Gouda Cheese Grits
3. Country Ham with Poppy Seed Honey Mustard Dressing
4. Brandied Peach and Yogurt Parfait Shooters
5. Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes
And For The Happy Ending,
6. Filled With Lemon Cream And Topped With Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting
Nuts & Seeds Brunch
 1. Porridge with Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut Flakes, Almond Butter &
Blueberry Compote Made with Maple Syrup and Lemon Juice
2. Smoked Salmon Quiche, Goat Cheese with Lemon Zest & Fresh Dill 
3. Puff Pastry Baked with Pears, Gorgonzola & Pancetta Sprinkled with Toasted Walnuts 
4. Baked Potato Latkes served with Applesauce Sour Cream and Pumpkin Seeds
5. Baked Nutella Filled Crepes Dusted with Powdered Sugar
And For The Happy Ending,
6. Orange Almond Cake Shooters
Filled with Lavender Honey Caramel and Topped with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
 Carbs & Cheese Brunch
1.Egg in a Hole - Egg Baked in Puff Pastry with Melted Smoked Gouda and Sharp Cheddar Cheese
2. Toasted Pumpernickel Bread
with a Mixture of Baked Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheese,
Raspberry Preserve, Salted Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Drizzled with Honey
3. Breaded & Baked – Thick Slice Peppered Bacon
4. Roasted Parmesan, Rosemary & Garlic Golden Potatoes, Drizzled with Maple Syrup
5.Crepes Filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Brie Cheese and Apricot Preserves,
Dusted with Powdered Sugar
And For The Happy Ending,
6. Vanilla Bean Scones served with Clotted Cream & Fresh Berries
- $30.00 per person with a 20 Person Minimum
*Custom Brunch Menus are also available*
Tea Time Sandwiches
​1. Chunky Egg Salad on Pumpernickel
2. Chicken Salad with Dill, Red Grapes and Walnuts on Rustic Bread
3. Smoked Salmon 
Open Sandwich  Smoked Salmon,
Lemon Caper Cream Cheese
with Paper Thin Garnish of Red Onion,
Potato Chip Straws & Sprig of Fresh Dill
on Pumpernickel Bread
4. Turkey, Brie, Crisp Apple and Honey Mustard
on Rustic Bread
5. Prosciutto, Peach, Whipped Goat Cheese
with Arugula
& Honey Drizzle on Garlic Toast
6. Shaved Baked Brown Sugar and Dill Carrots
with Baby Spinach Leaves & Dill Cream Cheese
on Crustless White Bread
7. Cucumber with a Lemon Dill Cream Cheese Mouse on White Bread Rounds
8.  Pancetta, Sun Dried tomato, Basil, Avocado Mash on Rustic Bread
9. Parfait - Vanilla Yogurt with chocolate Granola,
fresh fruit, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Blueberries - Drizzled with Honey
10. Cookies - Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Salty Brown Butter Sugar Cookies
- $22.00 per person with a 20 Person Minimum
*Custom Brunch Menus are also available*



Rustic Blueberry,
Pumpkin Pecan Spice, 
Maple Syrup Figs & Pear Decadence, Old Fashion Apple Crunch,
Lemon & Almond Meringue,
Chocolate Hazelnut,
Creamy/Cherry Pie
- $30.00 Each
*Gluten Free Pies available*
Holiday Specialty Breads
Chocolate, Cinnamon with Pecans Babka - $39.00
Tsoureki, Greek Easter Bread - $29.00
Grandma's Sausage Bread - Small $25.00 Large $35.00





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